AI Translations

Translate your entire instance

By default, the AI Translation is enabled to translate your entire instance into all of your enabled languages.

Translate your Service Portal

The AI Translations application will translate all Widgets associated with your Service Portals. It will even parse them and pull out all 'Message' tags to be translated.

On Demand Translations

Allow users to perform ond demand translations against tables and fields that you specify.

Detailed Reporting

There are numerous reports that come standard with AI Translations. You will be able to get everything from the overall translation percentage your instance down to how many characters your translation service is translating per month.


Scheduled Translations

Automatically translate the latest content in your instance based on your chosen schedule. This includes your Service Portal, new fields, choice values, knowledge articles, catalog items, and more.


On Demand Translations

Let your Service Desk agents translate content to any language in any form you choose. In addition to translating any field, you can also translate any related emails.


Chat Translations

Allow your users to communicate using ServiceNow chat without a language barrier. Agent to agent or end-user to agent. Chat translations supports chat rooms with any number of users in any number of languages.


Saved Translations

Store and reuse translations acquired by your translation service or translations that already in your environment. Save money by only hitting the translation service for phrases that haven't been requested before.


External Translations

Use REST/SOAP web services to translate other applications. Your saved translations will be utilized.



Optional pre-translation and post-translation approval process available. Pre-translation approval gives you the ability to see the amount of characters to be translated before sending them for translation. Post-translation approval allows your language experts to verify the content before it is applied.


Detailed Reports

Plenty of standard reporting is included which will allow you to track all the information required when it comes to translating your instance. Overall percentage of instance translation, number of translations performed, number of characters translated per month, and more.


Scalable Design

The AI Translation application is designed to allow you to be able to translate ANY table, custom or out of the box. A number of 'Scheduled' and 'On Demand' translation definitions are provided which will translate most of what is needed. You can add additional defintions as needed with no coding required.


Automatically locate 'Message' tags

This one is probably more interesting to the admins but a huge time saver. The AI Translation application will automatically look for 'Message' tags (gs.getMessage() & ${ }) among your UI Pages, UI Macros, and Service Portal widgets and translate them accordingly.


Choose your Translation Service

Ability to connect to any translation service with an API. Currently supports Google, Microsoft, and GeoFluent. Will add any service not currently supported if they have an API.